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The following links are intended as a comprehensive guide to information on cancer research funding, related charitable/support organizations, and other resources on the Web. If you know of a relevant website that you think should be included, please contact us. Please note that we verify all suggested links before they are added and reserve the right to decline them if we feel they are inappropriate.
  1. Governmental Funding Agencies
  2. Non-Governmental Funding Organizations
  3. Provincial Cancer Agencies/Boards
  4. Ministries of Health
  5. Other Governmental Organizations
  6. Site cancers
  7. Institutes/Cancer Centres/Research Organizations
  8. Charitable/Voluntary Organizations
  9. Advocacy/Survivor/Support Organizations
  10. Canadian Universities
  11. Professional Associations and Societies
  12. International Links
  13. Pharmaceutical Industry
  14. Annual fund-raising events
  15. Free access e-journals

Governmental funding agencies



Non-governmental funding organizations

Provincial cancer agencies/boards

Ministries of Health

Other governmental organizations

Site cancers

Below is a list of some of the most common types of cancer with links to related web sites. For a more comprehensive list, you can visit the following web sites:


Colorectal cancer





Tobacco control

Institutes/Cancer centres/Research organizations

Charitable/Voluntary organizations

Advocacy/Survivor/Support organizations

Canadian universities

Below is a list of Canadian Universities that have a delegate on campus representing the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

Professional associations and societies

International links

Pharmaceutical industry

The following pharmaceutical companies carry out cancer research activities:

Annual fund-raising events

The following are some of the major national fund-raising events for cancer research:

Free access e-journals

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