III Partnerships

Infection and immunity issues transcend all borders. As a result, a wide range of organizations, individuals and governments either support, or are interested in, infection and immunity-related research. III recognizes the benefits of like-minded organizations working cooperatively towards a common goal: greater sharing of knowledge, efficient use of resources, improved dissemination of results, and better coordination of rapid response activities, among others.

The spirit of partnerships is a fundamental principle at CIHR. Like all CIHR Institutes, III actively seeks out opportunities to work with other agencies with an interest in infection and immunity research. III develops innovative partnerships across the full range of our activities from setting research priorities, through funding of research, and finally, to translating the resulting knowledge into action.

III partnerships include both financial and non-financial contributions. Non-financial contributions may include access to professional networks, areas of expertise, shared tools and documentation and in-kind resources. Partner organizations have included other CIHR Institutes, provincial, federal and international departments and agencies, voluntary health organizations and industry. Whatever the organization and whatever the contribution, III partnerships are true collaborations - driven by shared goals and a desire to improve health and quality of life.

III's partnership approach has produced outstanding multidisciplinary projects such as the Safe Food and Water Initiative, and the Health Canada/CIHR Research Initiative on Hepatitis C. Both projects are widely considered excellent examples of the role of the CIHR Institutes in changing the nature of collaborative research through partnership.

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