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We've created several tools to support investigators and youth in their scientific mentorship activities. If you would like to receive a hard copy of these documents, please contact us.

Synapse cards
A total of six Synapse cards containing profiles of Canadian scientists from different research fields and students who have expressed interest in their work.

Flash presentation: Research in action
(Also Available in Mini-Disk Format)
The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) is pleased to present your school with the enclosed mini-CD featuring true stories of world-class Canadian health research.

Produced by Synapse, CIHR's youth outreach program, the four, 90-second video animations are intended to help science and health teachers connect students in grades 6 to 12/CEGEP with stories of actual Canadian research. The videos can be used to:

  • introduce whole-class or small-group discussion;
  • initiate independent study by individuals or small groups;
  • introduce a topic for debate;
  • provide the background story for an invention or technology challenge;
  • illustrate the range of challenging problems that Canadian health researchers tackle;
  • compare and contrast student perceptions of science research with real examples; and
  • demonstrate that health researchers are focused on improving people's lives.

Fact sheet: mentor me!
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Practical fact sheet explaining to youth the steps they have to take in order to find a mentor, the preparation before the meeting, and the conduct of the meeting.

Guide for CIHR Synapse mentors: mentoring a high school student
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This pocket guide was created to support researchers who would like to become mentors. It contains tips and practical advice. This guide was created in collaboration with the Youth Science Foundation and the Conseil de développement du loisir scientifique.

Guide for CIHR Synapse mentors who are Judges at a Science Fair
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The Synapse team has created this pocket guide to help researchers who are interested in becoming a judge for science fairs. This pocket guide has been created in collaboration with the Youth Science Foundation and the Conseil de développement du loisir scientifique.

Guide for CIHR Synapse mentors: presentations and demonstrations
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Info Synapse - CIHR's Synapse Newsflash

Science with Impact: communications strategies for CIHR Synapse mentors
CIHR is proud to support Science with Impact as part of our commitment to reaching out to young people to enhance their knowledge and awaken them to the fascinating world of scientific research.

The Science with Impact training workshop has been developed to help provide researchers with quality training resources to support their youth outreach activities. Consisting of a video, facilitator's handbook and individual workbooks, it combines visual, participatory activities and individual study in a flexible format that can be presented in a 2-8 hour workshop, depending on need.

The material presented by academic experts includes the characteristics of effective educators, how youth learn science, teaching for understanding, designing activities and communicating effectively.

Why not organize a Science with Impact workshop in your institution?

Don't hesitate to contact Let's Talk Science for more information.

Actua guide for CIHR Synapse mentors
CIHR is a proud supporter of the Actua Mentorship Guide, an amazing tool to support health researchers who want to become mentors. Known officially as Mentoring 101, the guide provides useful strategies and advice to help mentors make a positive impact on young people. It covers everything from how to customize a presentation for different age groups, to tips on how to develop key messages for young people.

Actua is a registered charity with a 15-year track record of success in bringing science, engineering and technology to life for more than two million young people across the country. Through their growing network of members (affiliated with universities and/or community colleges), they deliver summer camp programs, in-school workshops, science clubs and community outreach activities to 375 communities across Canada each year.

Actua's mission is to provide young Canadians with positive, hands-on learning experiences in science, technology and engineering. Actua's programs address a critical need, not just for young people, but for the Canadian economy and society as a whole. By stimulating young people's natural curiosity, we help them develop self-confidence, creativity and critical thinking skills and inspire them to become learners for life.

For more information on this useful resource, contact Actua.

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