Become a Mentor

The future - it's yours to change

Who was your first mentor? Will you be someone's mentor?

CIHR wants you to become a role model and mentor for high-school students interested in health research. Join CIHR's youth outreach initiative, known as Synapse - CIHR Youth Connection.

Synapse is a meeting place, a junction that brings together young Canadians with health researchers.

CIHR's Synapse program helps match Canadian health researchers who wants to talk to young people about science and technology, with science literacy organizations skilled at reaching high-school students. Synapse partners include Lets Talk Science, Actua and the Youth Science Foundation Canada.

To become a Synapse Mentor, please visit the Guidelines on Becoming a Mentor.

Mentors help:

  • Spark the interest and enjoyment of health research, science and technology for young people
  • Allow young people of all backgrounds to imagine themselves as health researchers, scientists or engineers
  • Provide young Canadians with a positive and supportive learning environment, helping them set long-term career goals and short-term learning objectives
  • Make health research part of everyday life

If you have further questions, call us at 613-954-1972.