Nomination Procedures

Anyone with direct knowledge of a contribution made by a person or persons to the promotion of health research with young people can nominate that person or group for a CIHR Synapse Award.

Persons making a nomination could include research colleagues or other persons who are aware of or who have benefited from the candidate's contribution. This list includes teachers, parents, community members or young people themselves. It is also possible to nominate oneself or one's group for an award.

To nominate a person or persons for a CIHR Synapse Award, simply complete the form and forward it to Peter Maitland, Youth and Public Outreach Officer. [ PDF (428 KB) | Help ] If you need help filling the form contact

The nomination must also include a brief description of the candidate's youth engagement activities (maximum three pages), two letters of recommendation and supporting documents (four pages at the most). You must be a Synapse Mentor in order to be nominated. To become a mentor, please visit the guidelines.

The submitted package must include the original and three copies of each document. Nomination documents and supporting documents will become the property of CIHR and will not be returned to the sender.

All nominations must be received by CIHR on or before Friday, January 24, 2014.

Former winners cannot be nominated a second time.