Small Health Organization Partnership Program


As part of the implementation of its five-year strategic plan, Health Research Roadmap, CIHR is reducing the number and complexity of its funding programs. To this end, CIHR is reducing the number of Strategic Initiatives such as the Small Health Organization Partnership Program (SHOPP). SHOPP will no longer be offered after the completion of the 2012-2013 funding opportunities.

CIHR will continue to support research through the Open Program and/or relevant Signature Initiatives. Organizations interested in exploring future partnership opportunities are encouraged to contact a Partnership Senior Advisor.

The mandate of the Small Health Organizations Partnership Program (SHOPP) is to foster partnership opportunities with small health charities and not-for-profit organizations with modest health research funding capacity by co-funding training and salary awards. The benefit of this program is that CIHR offers partnership opportunities for small health organizations to increase their health research capacity while becoming more in line with the strategic directions of the Institutes. This program also meets CIHR's strategic objective of outstanding research through effective partnerships in specific areas of research.

The following program tools are offered for this program (funding opportunities are launched in the June cycle):

Program Objectives

The Small Health Organization Partnership Program is designed for charities and not-for-profit organizations that have modest health research funding capability, in order to:

  1. Strengthen the research support capacity of these organizations.
  2. Increase the connection of these organizations with their related health research communities.
  3. Provide a simple and efficient mechanism for CIHR to partner with these organizations.

Program Criteria

All potential partners must meet the following criteria in order to participate in this initiative:

  1. The organization must align with CIHR's strategic directions.
  2. The organization must be a Canadian registered health charity or not-for-profit health organization with a research mandate.
  3. The organization must have an annual research budget of less than $250,000.
  4. The organization must operate on either a national or provincial level.
  5. The organization must demonstrate that it has the resources to fulfill its commitments under the program.


The Partnerships and Citizen Engagement ( PCE) Branch coordinates the partnership activities, and is also responsible for developing the collaborative agreements and funding opportunities. Student, fellowship, or new investigator awards are supported on a one-to-one matching basis. The PCE Branch will work with the partner to identify Institutes that relate to them and will facilitate and encourage connections between the partner and the Institute(s) as much as possible.

In addition to the responsibilities described above, the PCE Branch will:

  • manage the communication for the program;
  • serve as the initial point of contact regarding the SHOPP for organizations contacting CIHR; and
  • manage all aspects of the program including financial management

Research Capacity Development (RCD) Branch will:

  • manage the competitions as well as the post-award administration

The partner organizations will:

  • complete the "Intent to Partner" form [ Fillable PDF (87 KB) | PDF (25 KB) | Help ] before the beginning of the cycle (intents to partner must be communicated by February 15th of every year)
  • work with the PCE Branch to ensure that all details of the funding opportunities and collaborative agreement meet the needs of their organization and its research priorities, as well as the requirements of CIHR;
  • forward their financial contribution to CIHR, once invoiced, who will hold the funds in trust until all financial commitments are disbursed (if required);
  • complete the Relevancy Review by the designated timeline; and
  • engage with researchers.


For more information on the program and/or to request an "Intent to Partner" form, contact:

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