How to Use CIHR's Funding Opportunities Database

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In our continuing effort to improve the presentation of funding related content on the website, CIHR has introduced a database to search and browse for current funding opportunities.

Overview of Features and Functionality

The Funding Opportunity Database allows anyone to search for and display information on CIHR's current and or recently archived opportunities based on the selection or search criteria entered.

Note: Only recently archived opportunities are in the database.

The main page offers four options displayed in a tabular format located on the top right hand of the page. The four tab options include:

Click on any tab of your choice to display each activity individually on the screen. The tab that is currently selected and displayed will appear in blue.

1. Search Opportunities Tab

To search for funding opportunities, identify the search criteria in one or more of the fields below. All fields are optional. Leaving all fields blank will generate a list of all funding opportunities. Multiple field selections will narrow your search resulting in fewer opportunities.

Note: The drop down lists for Institute, Program Type and Target Applicant only shows the values when an opportunity for that option exists. As such, if you fail to see a value described below (for example, the "Target Applicant" value of "Doctoral Students") it just means that CIHR has no current funding opportunities that meet this value.

Below is a complete list of the fields and their descriptions to help with your search criteria:

Option Description
Search To search for certain words, type them into the search term(s) and specify if you want to search for all words or for any of the words. This will search all of the text within the funding opportunities.
CIHR Institute ** Search for opportunities based on who at CIHR is sponsoring the funding opportunity. These values include all of CIHR's 13 Institutes as well as the various Portfolios and Initiatives at CIHR that provide funding to the research community.
Program Type Search for opportunities within a certain type of funding program.

Some examples of funding program types are:
  • Operating Grants
  • Fellowships
  • Doctoral Research Awards
  • Team Grants
Target Applicant Search for opportunities geared towards a specific type of applicant. Note that only those target applicant values for which there are available opportunities will be displayed.

The current list of options include:
  • Administrators
  • Clinicians
  • Doctoral Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Health Professionals
  • Masters Students
  • Media
  • Medical Students
  • Policy/Decision Makers
  • Post-Doctoral Fellows
  • Researchers
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Technicians
  • Undergraduate Students
Deadline Date Search for opportunities by their application deadline date. Enter the month and the year.
Launch Date Search for opportunities by the date the opportunity was announced on CIHR's web site.

Enter the month and the year. CIHR's funding opportunities are primarily announced in June or December.
Include Archived Opportunities Select this option if you would like to have your search results include CIHR's recently archived funding opportunities.

Click the "Search" button when all of your search criteria are entered to generate results. The "Clear" button will clear anything previously entered by the user. When the search is executed the Search Results page appears.

Search Results page

This page displays a list sorted in order of the next closest deadline date. You may re-sort the list by clicking on any of the underlined column headers. Some programs have funding opportunities that are yet to be defined (listed as TBD), whereas others can be applied to at anytime (listed as "Various"). These will appear at the bottom of the list. Click on the opportunity name of your choice to retrieve the Funding Opportunities Details page.

Funding Opportunities Details page

A Funding Opportunity Details page contains the program information and any existing competitions for that particular program. A maximum of the next 4 competitions for that program may be displayed; however, a user can only apply to the current competition. Below is a list of the 4 links that are available at the bottom of this page which enables the user to perform the following:

Option Description
Back to Results Navigate to the previous page.
Search Again Will bring you back to the Search Opportunities page to perform another search.
Print Preview Preview and print the content of the funding opportunity selected by the user.
Watch this Opportunity Allows the user to request e-mail notifications when changes or additions to a particular funding opportunity have been made or to receive e-mail notification before a deadline date occurs. This functionality is made available through the ResearchNet system. You will be redirected to ResearchNet to sign in using an existing account or by creating a new account. You may then continue searching for Funding Opportunities.
Notify a Colleague Allows the user to e-mail information regarding this opportunity with a colleague. The user will have to complete a form requesting specific information including the recipient's e-mail. An e-mail with the link to the opportunity will be sent to the recipient.

2. View Current Opportunities Tab

This tab will display all of CIHR's current funding opportunities, sorted by their program type. Click on any funding opportunity to display the Funding Opportunities Details page.

3. Browse Current Opportunities Tab

This tab will display a list of all of the Program Types, CIHR Institutes and Target Applicants for which there are current funding opportunities. Click on the option of your choice to browse through the opportunities available for the chosen option. Select any specific funding opportunity to retrieve the Funding Opportunities Details page.

4. Browse Archived Opportunities Tab

This tab will display a list of all of the Program Types, CIHR Institutes and Target Applicant for which there are archived funding opportunities stored in the database. Select any specific funding opportunity to retrieve the Funding Opportunities Details page.

Note: Only recently archived opportunities are in the database.

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