Annual Report 2006-2007

Touching Lives

Health researchers generally measure their success by indicators such as papers published, conferences and workshop papers presented, prizes awarded, patents filed. But there is a more central indicator - the application of the knowledge generated by health research to improve the health of Canadians.

You are going to meet in these pages some of the people whose lives have been improved by health research - people who, faced with their own or their families' health challenges, have been helped by the results of health research funded by CIHR. You are also going to meet some of the talented women and men who carry out this research - Canadian researchers who are among the very best anywhere.

The stories of these and many other Canadians motivate and are a source of tremendous satisfaction for the thousands of researchers throughout Canada who have devoted their careers and their lives to finding solutions to the health problems that affect so many people. They provide poignant examples of the ways that health research is, indeed, "touching lives".


Message from the President

I Would Walk the Earth for That Man

Only You Can Fail Yourself

My Dad Probably Wouldn't Be Here Today

Breast Cancer
I Didn't Have Time to Fall Apart

Wait Times
As Different as Night and Day

Workplace Health and Safety
No Time for Injuries

Chronic Pain
The Future Belongs to People Who Have Dreams

CIHR: Overview and Highlights of 2006-07
International Panel of Experts Reviews CIHR's First Five Years
CIHR Makes Strides as an Organization
Engaging Canadians Outside the Research Community
Research Breakthroughs
Realizing the Economic Benefits of Health Research
Measuring Success

Providing Stewardship and Accountability

Institutes of Excellence

The Power of Volunteers

Financial Statement Discussion and Analysis

Auditor's Report and Financial Statements

2006-07 Expenditures by Research Area

(in millions of dollars)

2006-07 Expenditures by Research Area : Operational Requirements 6%: Administration 49.5; Flow-Through Funds 13%: NCE 27.5, Canada Research Chairs 82.2; Research 81%: Open Competitions 487.9, Strategic Initiatives 195.8, Institute Support Grants 13, Knowledge Translation 3.9

Total: 859.8

Note: Figures do not include refunds of previous years' grants and awards.

Breakdown by Strategic Outcome

(in millions of dollars)

Health research 511 60%
Health researchers in innovative environments 284.4 33%
Transforming health research into action 62.4 7%

Total 857.8 100%
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