IGH Institute Community Support (ICS) Program

The CIHR Institute of Gender and Health (IGH) is an international leader in fostering research that explores how sex and gender influence health. Through our commitment to knowledge translation, we facilitate the application of these research findings to address pressing health challenges facing men, women, girls, boys and gender diverse people. In keeping with CIHR's commitment to investing in world-class research excellence, the purpose of IGH's Institute Community Support (ICS) Program is to build capacity for gender, sex and health research and knowledge translation.

IGH is specifically interested in training, retaining, and sustaining a healthy research foundation by providing recognition and support through its ICS Program. Through the ICS Program, IGH provides funds to applicants whose research is relevant to the mission of IGH. Whether training/research in the area of biomedical, clinical, health systems or population health research, all applicants who bring a substantive focus on gender, sex and health to their research are encouraged to apply to the IGH ICS Program. "Substantive" means that gender and/or sex are an integral aspect of the applicant's research process. IGH funds four types of awards and one grant through its ICS Program (please see individual funding opportunity pages for specific eligibility requirements):

  1. Hacking the Knowledge Gap Hackathon Series

    Application deadline: January 4, 2017

    This award provides funding for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to attend knowledge translation Hackathons

    The Hacking the Knowledge Gap in Health Research initiative is a series of themed hackathons that bring together researchers and individuals with different but complementary knowledge, expertise and lived experiences to address pressing health problems facing men, women, girls, boys and gender-diverse people. Each hackathon will revolve around a particular problem or theme, such as women’s heart health or e-Mental health.

    The Women’s Heart Health Hackathon will be held February 9 and 10, 2017. The deadline for applications is January 4, 2017.

  2. Gender, Sex and Health Trainee Knowledge Translation Supplements

    Application deadline: To be announced

    This award (worth up to $5,000) supports the capacity of trainees to engage in the knowledge translation of their own gender, sex and health research. For more information, please visit the IGH Gender, Sex and Health Trainee Knowledge Translation Supplements page.

    Past KT Supplement Recipients

  3. IGH Gender, Sex and Health Research Skills Development Awards

    Application deadline: To be announced

    This award (worth up to $5,000) supports research skills development among graduate students and postdoctoral fellows whose research has a substantive focus on gender, sex and health. For more information about this program, please visit IGH Gender, Sex and Health Research Skills Development Award Program page.

    Past Skills Award Recipients

  4. Planning and Dissemination Grants

    Application deadlines: To be announced

    This grant (worth up to $10,000) supports activities that facilitate the uptake of sex and gender considerations in health research, policy and practice.

    Priority will be given to activities related to the development of partnerships, teams, grant applications, and/or educational modules for trainees, researchers, policy-decision makers, and other knowledge-users. IGH will fund applications that include gender and sex in their approaches and research designs and that frame their responses to the specific objectives of this request for applications in terms of gender and/or sex. For more information, please see the Other: Planning and Dissemination Grants – Institute Community Support funding opportunity on the CIHR Funding Opportunities Database.

    Please note that if you are unable to find this funding opportunity in the CIHR Funding Opportunities Database this means that there is no current competition.

Please note: The ICS Program is not intended to support the direct cost of research (e.g., pilot projects, feasibility studies or operating grants), principal and co-investigator salaries or research equipment.

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