Annual Report 2007-2008

Portraits of Partnerships


Message from the Acting President

Partnerships with Universities
Partnerships with the Voluntary Sector
Partnerships with Funding Agencies
Partnerships with Governments
Partnerships with the Private Sector
International Partnerships
Partnerships with the Public

Overview and Highlights of 2007-08
Organizational Highlights 2007-08
Research Breakthroughs 2007-08

Providing Stewardship and Accountability
Institutes of Excellence
Portraits of Volunteers
Financial Statement Discussion and Analysis
Auditor's Report and Financial Statements

2007-08 Expenditures by Research Area

(in millions of dollars)

Dépenses en 2007-2008 par secteur de recherche

Note: Figures do not include refunds of previous years' grants and awards.

Breakdown by Strategic Outcome

(in millions of dollars)

Health research 547.8 54 %
Health researchers in innovative environments 317.4 32 %
Transforming health research into action 143.1 14 %
Total 1,008.3 100 %
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