Complete an application

  1. Access the “Find Funding” tab on CIHR website to find the current funding opportunity you wish to apply for.
  2. Review the Funding Opportunity Details.
  3. Ensure that you are fully eligible for the opportunity (see "Eligibility").
  4. Follow the "How to Apply" instructions provided in the funding opportunity.
    • Recommendation: print the "How to Apply" instructions or run them in a second window for reference as you complete the process(es).

Modes of application

Different funding opportunities may require different application formats, though the majority of CIHR’s funding programs are now submitted electronically through ResearchNet. To learn more about the different modes of application and the possible attachments requested, please review the “Acceptable Application Formats and Attachments” web page.

Application phases

Below are generic instructions on how to complete an application. For detailed instructions consult the applicable funding opportunity.

In addition to the full application, some funding opportunities have additional phases: Registration or Letter of Intent. Some important tips are provided below.


  • A Nominated Principal Applicant/Program Leader or a Primary Supervisor must, as a minimum, be identified.
  • The following must remain unchanged between registration and application:
    • name of the Nominated Principal Applicant/Program Leader;
    • suggested committees; and
    • title of research, with the exception of the Foundation program.
  • The selection of Priority Announcements you would like to be considered for during registration is optional for some programs. A drop-down menu will be available but will not have a relevance form associated with it until the full application stage. Final selections of Priority Announcements should be confirmed during the "Application" Phase.

Letter of Intent (LOI)

  • Some funding opportunities have an LOI stage, where the most promising applications are selected to proceed to the Full Application stage. LOI’s are treated as separate competitions in their own right and the applicant may be required to provide information regarding their proposed research or satisfy specific criteria. Details will be provided in the funding opportunity.

General submission process

  • An application can be completed in either of the official languages.
  • A CIHR PIN is required for all participants (note that when you register for the PIN, it takes up to one full working day for processing).
  • All documents to be uploaded on ResearchNet must be in a PDF format. ResearchNet does not recognize other formats.
  • Preview the Registration / Letter of Intent or the Full Application package version of your application in ResearchNet using the "Preview" task, to ensure that your application is complete. Note: What you see previewed is exactly how your submission will look when submitted to CIHR electronically.
  • Submit the completed electronic application to CIHR through ResearchNet by completing the "Consent and Submit" task on ResearchNet. Note: CIHR is legally obliged to inform the applicant how their information will be used. Consent is a requirement of submission so that CIHR can properly administer the application, share information where necessary, and conduct relevance review when required. Checking each box indicates the applicant has read and agrees to these conditions, failure to do so will block submission. The Funding Opportunity lists the partners and describes how information will be shared. The Peer Review Applicant Consent Form for Use and Disclosure of Personal Information Provided to CIHR will ensure that what the applicant is consenting to by submitting an application is clearly defined.
  • Save the PDF version of the complete submission. Note: You do not need to send paper copies of the application or original signature pages with the submission to CIHR.


Upload signature pages

  • Print the Signature Pages.
  • Obtain signatures for all signature pages, and for any other material needing signatures.
  • Scan and upload the signed signature pages to ResearchNet as part of your application and submit before the application deadline date.

Get help

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