Growth and development

Learn, lead and live

CIHR provides all employees with learning opportunities, a leadership development program for managers, and a healthy environment that favours work/life balance. We have a range of offerings to help employees reach their personal and professional potential, including:

  • Continuous learning and development opportunities (training sessions on career and well-being topics)
  • Leadership and skills development program
  • An environment that promotes work/life balance
  • Challenging work
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Competitive terms and conditions of employment
  • A competitive compensation package, including competitive base pay, salary increases linked to individual productivity, and excellent retirement benefits
  • Employee recognition awards
  • A variety of alternative work arrangements
  • Access to reliable, high-quality child care

... and much more

What's more, in order to enhance growth and development, employees regularly meet with their managers in a spirit of open communication to establish clear expectations and understanding about:

  • Employee job functions
  • The manager's role in promoting career growth
  • How the employee's job contributes to organizational goals
  • What good job performance means in concrete terms
  • How employee and manager will work together to improve and build on strengths