About the National Capital Region

The National Capital Region is a great place to live and work

A federal government agency, CIHR is based in the National Capital Region. But far from limiting recruitment to this area, we promote our job opportunities all over the country. Whether you live in Newfoundland, BC, Nunavut or any point in between, we would be thrilled to receive your application.

If you're wondering what relocation to the National Capital Region would mean for your lifestyle, know that the area is an appealing place to choose for a home, whether you're single or have a family.

About the National Capital Region (NCR)

The National Capital Region comprises municipalities located in both Ontario and Quebec, including Ottawa and Gatineau. Nearly half a million people in the NCR speak English and French, a testament to our country's linguistic duality. In terms of scenery and landscape, the NCR is unrivalled, featuring trails, parkways, protected wild and rural lands, mountains, wetlands and fields.

About the City of Ottawa

Ottawa is a safe urban centre that uniquely blends modern development with quaint charm. The city offers a full range of amenities and advantages, including:

What's more, Ottawa is noted for its openness toward cultural diversity. All in all, the national capital region is a great place to live and work.

Sites of interest for seekers of housing:

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