IGH Awards for Excellence in Gender, Sex and Health Research (2015/2016)

Timeline and Funding

  • Application deadline: October 7, 2015
  • Notification of decision: Within nine weeks of the application deadline
  • Funding per award: $1,000 per award

Table of Contents

  1. Description
  2. Available Funds
  3. Eligibility
  4. Review Process and Evaluation
  5. How to Apply
  6. Contact Information

1. Description

The mission of CIHR's Institute of Gender and Health (IGH) is to foster research excellence regarding the influence of gender and sex on the health of women and men throughout life and to apply these research findings to identify and address pressing health challenges. The IGH Award for Excellence in Gender, Sex and Health Research recognizes research excellence among graduate students and postdoctoral fellows working in the field of gender, sex and health research. Whether training in the area of biomedical, clinical, health systems or population health research, all trainees (graduate students and postdoctoral fellows) who bring a substantive focus on gender, sex and health to their research are eligible to apply for this $1,000 award. "Substantive" means that gender and/or sex are an integral aspect of the applicant's program of research and research design. For information on integrating gender and/or sex into research designs, please refer to the CIHR Gender, Sex and Health Research Guide and the IGH Gender, Sex and Health Research Casebook.

2. Available Funds

This award is valued at $1,000. IGH's contribution to the amount available for this award is subject to availability of funds voted annually to CIHR by parliamentary appropriations, and the conditions that may be attached to them.

3. Eligibility

To be eligible for this competition, applicants must be:

Applicants who are not yet at the data collection stage of their research are encouraged to apply at a later stage in their research process. Although reviewers assess both the real and potential impacts of applicants’ research, these impacts are most meaningfully demonstrated through reference to research findings. Pilot or preliminary data are acceptable.

4. Review Process and Evaluation

Applications will undergo an initial assessment by IGH staff to ensure that they are both eligible and complete. Only eligible and complete applications will proceed to the application review stage.

Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Real or potential impact of the applicant's research within the field of gender, sex and health research (e.g., novel findings, methodological innovations, theoretical advancements).
  • Actual or potential knowledge translation of the applicant's research into policy and/or decision making, health products (e.g., drugs, devices), health care (e.g., health service delivery, clinical practice guidelines), and/or health (e.g., outcomes, quality of life).
  • Demonstrated excellence in gender, sex and health research (the applicant's track record of academic achievement, contributions to research, publications and other contributions to KT, and leadership).

The evaluation committee is typically composed of IGH staff, Institute Advisory Board members and researchers in the field of gender, sex and health research. IGH will notify applicants of the competition results by email.

5. How to Apply

  1. Create a cover page for your application with the following information:
    • Name
    • CIHR PIN
    • Email
    • Level of studies
    • University
    • Program of study
    • Research / original essay title
    • Name of supervisor
  2. Complete the Institute Community Support (ICS) application form [ PDF (626 KB) ] according to the following instructions:
    • Complete Section 1. Note: If you do not have a CIHR Personal Identification Number (PIN), please visit the Register with CIHR web page.
    • Indicate "Award for Excellence in Gender, Sex and Health Research" in Section 2 a). Note: Do not complete other items in Section 2.
    • Do not complete Section 3.
    • Complete Section 4.
  3. Write an original essay (1,000 words maximum, not including bibliography) describing your achievements and the impact of those achievements on the field of gender, sex and health research. The essay should be written in plain language (i.e., non-technical language that would be understandable to health researchers, knowledge users and the public). The essay must include the following sections:
    • A summary of your research. What is your research about? What is your research design? How have you integrated gender and/or sex into your design? How does it contribute to what is known about your area of health research?
    • An overview of your research's real or potential impact on the field of gender, sex and health research. What is innovative about your research (novel findings, methodological innovations, theoretical advancements)?
    • A discussion of the actual or potential knowledge translation of your research into policy, interventions, health care, health, and/or other arenas of impact.

    Your essay must not exceed 1,000 words. Your bibliography will not be counted towards the word limit. Essays must be double-spaced, paginated and in a 12-point font.

  4. Create a CV (3 pages maximum). This can be formatted as a Word document. This competition does not require completion of the Common CV.
  5. Obtain a letter of support (2 pages maximum) from your primary supervisor. The letter of support can be included with your application package or sent directly to IGH by your supervisor. It can be an electronic document on official letterhead or an email sent directly from your supervisor's institutional email address.
  6. Email your application to: catherine.lavigne-pelletier@criugm.qc.ca. Receipt of emails will be acknowledged.

A complete application consists of:

  1. A cover sheet
  2. A signed ICS form
  3. A 1,000 word essay
  4. A CV (3 pages maximum)
  5. A letter of support (2 pages maximum) from your primary supervisor

Late applications or applications with missing documents will not be accepted. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their applications are complete and submitted by the deadline.

Past Awards for Excellence Recipients

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