Revised Grants Evaluation Criteria – Overview

CIHR has undertaken a major revision of the criteria used for peer review evaluation of grant applications. The objectives of these revisions are:

1) to ensure that grants evaluation criteria support the CIHR mandate across all four pillars of research funding (biomedical, clinical, health services and policy, population and public health) and can encompass varied funding program objectives;

2) to aid in consistent decision-making, by breaking down high-level criteria into discrete factors;

3) to increase the fairness of grant proposal review by consistent reference to one set of relevant criteria;

4) to provide the best possible feedback to applicants, by reporting on the assessment of their proposals in relation to the principal evaluation criteria.

To achieve these goals, CIHR engaged representatives of the Canadian research community in a comprehensive consultation process. A rigorous approach was utilized to select the indicators of excellence most valued in peer review and to group them into five broad criteria. In so doing, the need to apply these criteria to areas of research outside of a traditional biomedical context was kept in mind. The resultant criteria list is flexible in that the criteria can be further elaborated as required to ensure that the review process is aligned with specific program objectives.

Effective with the July 2009 funding opportunity launch, these review criteria will apply to all operating, catalyst, team and emerging team grant applications. They are not applicable to salary or training award programs, or to other specialized grant funding programs. Please refer to the Review Process and Evaluation section of the relevant funding opportunity details for a full description of the specific evaluation criteria.

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