Bernard Prigent


Vice-President and Medical Director, Pfizer Canada

Committee membership

  • Governing Council
    • October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2012
    • November 22, 2012 to November 21, 2015


Bernard Prigent is Vice-President and Medical Director of Pfizer Canada, the Canadian operation of Pfizer Inc., the world's leading research based pharmaceutical company.

Under his leadership, Pfizer Canada has become one of the top R&D investors within the Canadian Life Science Sector. These investments cover most aspects of pharmaceutical R&D from discovery to clinical trials as well as alliances with the biotech sector and partnerships with academic institutions, federal and provincial funding agencies.

Some of his significant external activities and affililations include:

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) – Member of the Board
  • Institute of Health Economics of Alberta (IHE) – Member of the Board
  • Prevention of Organ Failure Centre of Excellence (PROOF) – Member of the Board
  • Health Research Foundation, Rx&D - Member of the Board and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Council
  • Montreal In Vivo – Co-president of the Research and Innovation Strategic Committee
  • Quebec Consortium for Drug Discovery – Honorary member of the Strategic Orientation Committee
  • Chairman of the External Advisory Committee and board member of Quebec Network for Personalized Medicine

Dr. Prigent joined Pfizer in 1995 and occupied positions of increasing responsibility before becoming Vice-President and Medical director in January 2001.

Bernard Prigent started his career as a family physician in France, he subsequently completed his MD in the field of Tropical medicine and Public Health and for five years worked in various challenging clinical and hospital settings in France, Asia and Australasia.

He joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1984, working for the international medical and clinical research operations of three major European based pharmaceutical companies before coming to Pfizer Canada in 1995. His broad experience in pharmaceutical medicine was acquired working on the clinical development and commercialization of numerous new medicines in a variety of therapeutic areas.

His interest in the management of R&D organizations led him to complete his MBA at Henley Management College in 1992.

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