The Health of Canada's Children: A CICH Profile – Funding Decisions Notification (September 2009 Competition: 200909PRF)

(Alternate Title: CICH Profile Online)

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) is pleased to announce the results of "The Health of Canada's Children: A CICH Profile" competition.

Funding Opportunity Summary

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Knowledge Synthesis and Exchange Branch, solicited an application from the Canadian Institute of Child Health (CICH) to support the design of an online version of the The Health of Canada's Children: A CICH Profile, a nationally recognized comprehensive source of information on the health and well-being of children, youth and families. This source, commonly known as the Profile, is designed to increase the capacity for action on or across the determinants of health at the local, provincial, territorial and national levels. It is unique in that it takes evidence–based child and youth specific research and provides a mechanism for practical application.

The objectives of the funding opportunity "The Health of Canada's Children: A CICH Profile" were the:

  • Development of the Profile protocols (data collection, analysis, on-line formats, etc.);
  • Acquisition of relevant data sets from relevant and reliable sources;
  • Development of a raw data management system and the sharing of its analysis for the eventual development of Profile chapters;
  • Development of a user-friendly network platform onto which the entire Profile will be built and be made readily accessible;
  • Development and publication of a Contextual Chapter.

This grant will address the CIHR Roadmap Strategic Direction #3, ''Accelerate the Capture of Health and Economic Benefits of Health Research'', by a) supporting evidence-informed policy making to improve health and the health system at both the provincial and federal levels and b) enhancing the application of research and its evaluation .

Funding Competition Summary

One application was received and it was approved for funding.

Contact Information

For further information about this competition, please contact:

Chaidwick Leneis
Senior KSE Specialist
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Telephone: 613-613-941-4437
Fax: 613- 613-954-1800

Funding Decisions Data Report

Access the "CICH Profile Online" funding decisions data report.