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  • Population and Public Health Ethics: Cases from Research, Policy, and Practice
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From theory to practice: working towards common principles and frameworks for population and public health ethics

Pre-conference Workshop at the Canadian Public Health Association - June 19, 2011, Palais des Congrès, Montréal


Ethical frameworks for population and public health are used to inform action to reduce inequities in health, and population health interventions including policies, programs and resource redistribution decisions. Such frameworks can bring equity to the forefront and consider health issues as part of complex, interconnected systems.

Workshop Objectives

This CPHA pre-conference workshop aimed to:

  1. build capacity amongst workshop participants for population and public health ethics by considering the application of ethics principles to case studies of relevance to population and public health research, policy, and practice;
  2. stimulate discussion amongst workshop participants about ethics frameworks for population and public health amongst interested stakeholders from public health research, policy, and practice

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