CIHR Journalism Awards – Information Flyer

Are you a journalist interested in health and research? do you wish you had the time and resources to produce that in-depth, award-winning piece of investigative journalism? Here's your chance.

Tough times and budget cutbacks are the reality for most Canadian newsrooms. But in-depth reporting of health issues often demands significat resources. That's why the Canadian Institutes of Health Research has established the CIHR Journalism Awards. These awards provide funding to journalists so they can invest the time and expense in investigating and writing the health stories they always wanted to cover.

Funding is available for journalists to undertake projects in print, broadcast and on-line media. Previous recipients have prepared in-depth reports – often multi-part – on health issues such as birthing, diabetes, traditional (Aboriginal) medicine, tuberculosis, stem cells, lung cancer, mental health and smoking.

Award recipients retain full journalistic independence and control of their stories. The Program funds awards up to $20,000 each. Projects are expected to include a period of investigation and research to assemble the information needed for in-depth news or features.

First-time applicants to CIHR will need to apply in advance for a personal identification number. Please leave yourself lots of time to meet the October 4, 2012 (8 p.m.) deadline.


An independent peer review committee will evaluate all applications. An Evaluation Grid (see bellow) outlines the criteria used by the committee.

As with all its programs, CIHR funds excellence. Award recipients are selected through a rigorous and demanding peer review process.

To Find Out More

This summer, CIHR will be offering a series of free webinars to interested journalists in both English and French. To find out more about the Program, or sign up for a webinar, please visit the CIHR website
or contact:

Michael Dwyer
Public Affairs Offier
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Telephone: 613-941-0688

Evaluation Grid

(and approximate scoring weight)
Information to be provided in application Percent

Novelty and importance of the topic proposed for investigation by the applicant. (Special consideration will be given to proposals that address areas of health research that are underreported in Canada.)

Clearly describe your proposed project. Explain why this topic should be covered.

30 %

Are the proposed media appropriate for the dissemination of the work produced? (e.g., reputation, audience reach)

Identify proposed media outlets, their circulation figures and audience profiles and explain why they are good vehicles to publish/broadcast your work.

15 %

The use of research-based information as a key component for the work proposed. (There must be a strong connection between the ideas proposed and Canadian health research.)

CIHR strongly recommends you conduct some preliminary investigation into the latest health research for the fields elated to your topic. Identify the researchers you plan to interview for your story.

20 %

Achievements and activities of the applicant, including publication/broadcast credits, past awards and experience reporting on the topic proposed for investigation.

(Is the applicant capable of conducting a project of this scope?)

Explain how your track record demonstrates your ability to successfully carry out the project you propose.

20 %

Does the scope of the project represent a good use of the award money?

CIHR is accountable to Canadians for the money it invests in research. Your detailed budget should demonstrate that you are acting in a fair and reasonable manner when accounting for travel and other expenses and for work hours against stipend amounts.

15 %