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Systematic reviews analyze findings from a number of individual studies on a given topic in order to draw conclusions. We rely on systematic reviews for information about what interventions work, when, and with whom. However, if the primary studies included in a review used only male samples, can the review conclusions be applied to all men or to women?

The integration of sex and gender in systematic reviews is important for understanding the applicability of research evidence. It involves reporting whether interventions have differential effects in men or women, boys or girls, or among groups of the same sex or gender. It also involves reporting whether or not there is sufficient evidence to extend the conclusions of a review to certain groups.

In the Corner:

  • Featured reviews from the Cochrane Library, which investigate the influence of sex and gender in the effectiveness of health care and health policy interventions.
  • The Cochrane Column, which is an original series of articles that highlight methodological or newsworthy issues related to sex, gender, health and systematic reviews.

Use the Corner to:

  • Learn how sex and gender are considered in Cochrane systematic reviews.
  • Identify and consider methodological and practical issues related to the integration of sex and gender in systematic reviews.

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The Cochrane Corner is a collaboration of the CIHR Institute of Gender and Health and the Campbell and Cochrane Equity Methods Group. With funding from IGH, the Campbell and Cochrane Equity Methods Group works to advance our methodological understanding of how knowledge syntheses can consider sex and gender.

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