2010-2011 Peer Review Committee Memberships

Committee membership lists are posted online approximately 60 days after the funding decisions have been published on the CIHR website. For the Open Operating Grants competition and other ongoing programs, committee membership can change significantly from competition to competition and these lists may not represent the membership at subsequent meetings.

The lists include committee members who undertook internal review of applications for the indicated competition, with the exception of specialized reviewers required by certain committees to review a small number of applications by teleconference.

Any committee member in conflict with an application (as described in the Policies and Responsibilities of Grants or Awards Committee Members) was not involved in discussing the application and did not rate the application.

Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 Open Operating Grant Committees

2010-2011 - Research Personnel Awards

Theme 1 Biomedical research and theme 2 Clinical research

Theme 3 Research respecting health systems and health services and theme 4 Research on societal, cultural and environmental influences on health and the health of populations

2010-2011 - Strategic Initiatives