Call for Nominations - CIHR HIV/AIDS Community-Based Research Steering Committee (2014)

The CIHR Institute of Infection and Immunity is seeking qualified individuals to join its Community-Based Research (CBR) Steering Committee.

The CIHR HIV/AIDS Community-Based Research (CBR) Program assists community-based organizations, non-governmental organizations and institutions in developing the knowledge they need to carry out their work in the most effective manner and in creating research expertise within these organizations. Funding is delivered through two streams: Aboriginal research and General (non-Aboriginal) research.

The CIHR HIV/AIDS CBR Program supports partnerships between community leaders and researchers in carrying out research and capacity-building initiatives relevant to communities engaged in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Community leaders ensure that research will lead to practical and useful outcomes that will directly benefit the community, while researchers, coming from academia or other research institutions, contribute their research expertise in methodology, scientific rigor and supervision of future researchers.

Giving direction: the Community-Based Research (CBR) Steering Committee

The CIHR HIV/AIDS CBR Program is guided by the efforts of the CBR Steering Committee. The Committee has equal representation of HIV/AIDS CBR researchers and broader community organizations for both the General and Aboriginal streams of the program. The Steering Committee was established in 2006 and guides the development of the CBR program through recommendations to the CIHR HIV/AIDS Research Advisory Committee (CHARAC) and CIHR. A current list of the CBR Steering Committee members can be found on our website.


At the present time, nominations are being sought for:

  • 1 research representative - Aboriginal Stream
  • 1 research representative - General Stream

Nominations for individuals for the CBR Steering Committee are invited from all stakeholders and must include a brief (250 word) rationale for the nomination and a short biographical sketch or curriculum vitae. Applications are especially encouraged from individuals who are able to contribute their experience with at risk populations, including men who have sex with men, injection drug users, Aboriginal Peoples, prison inmates, youth at risk, women at risk and people from countries where HIV is endemic. The rationale should make reference to qualifications, expertise and/or previous contributions to HIV/AIDS CBR and/or CBR more generally, and indicate the perspective that the nominee will bring to the work of the Committee. Contact information for both the nominator and the nominee(s) must be included with the nomination documents. Individuals selected will be appointed to a three year term.

Deadline for receipt of nominations is Friday, June 27, 2014.

Nominations should be addressed to:

Christian Maillet
Project Officer, HIV/AIDS Research Initiative
CIHR-Institute of Infection and Immunity
160 Elgin Street, 9th floor
Address locator: 4809A
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0W9

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