Signature Initiatives

CIHR aims to invest in health research that capitalizes on Canada’s strengths, stimulates progress in identified priority areas and builds research capacity in promising new fields.

By concentrating our resources on priority areas, we help generate discoveries that promote the rapid and efficient translation of research evidence into effective and affordable health care.

CIHR’s Signature Initiatives are a key mechanism for focusing our research investments. They are typically large-scale initiatives, designed to be transformative and have measurable impact in the near-term. They address complex problems that require multidisciplinary approaches and active participation of partners and representatives across multiple sectors, including members of the private sector, policymakers, patients and health care professionals. This collaboration of resources and diversity of expertise is imperative to ensure the success of the initiatives and ultimately improve the health of Canadians.

Through the Signature Initiatives, CIHR also plays a leadership role within numerous international consortia, developing a shared vision and aligning our investments with those of international stakeholders.

Each initiative is designed to:

The CIHR Signature Initiatives are supporting transformative research to improve health, health care and health system outcomes.

Currently there are ten Signature Initiatives:

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