Backgrounder: CIHR – Rx&D Health Research Foundation: Fostering Innovation in Health Care

Press Release 2012-21 ]

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Rx&D Health Research Foundation (HRF) have developed a new joint initiative to support research that will foster innovation in healthcare delivery.

Projects funded through the partnered program "Fostering Innovation in Health Care" will focus on both short and longer term impacts such as patient experience, safety and quality of life. The innovative characteristics of this initiative are its focus on improving healthcare delivery from the patient's perspective and positioning research as close to patient values as possible.

Applications will be co-led by researchers and healthcare decision makers, and be required to demonstrate active patient involvement. Funding commitment from publicly funded health organizations is also required to ensure research is aligned with current healthcare priorities to promote the uptake of research results. Public funders such as provincial health research funding organizations, provincial and territorial ministries of health, regional health authorities, and hospitals, could therefore partner on the projects. The possible total value of this initiative is $7.2 million over three years. CIHR and the Rx&D HRF will make contributions of $3 million each and the remaining funds will be provided by other health organizations (for a total of approximately $1.2 million).

The objectives of Fostering Innovation in Health Care are to:

The initiative will be launched as part of CIHR's Partnership for Health System Improvement program in June 2012 and successful teams will receive up to three years of funding starting in 2013. Projects will be reviewed and selected through a CIHR competitive merit review process.

This funding initiative is part of the national Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research.

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