Message from the President of CIHR: Reorganization of Management Functions


As you may be aware, in the past month there have been a number of changes in CIHR’s senior management.  Following a distinguished 10-year career at CIHR, our first Executive Vice President, Christine Fitzgerald, resigned effective May 2, 2012.  Dr.  Ian Graham, who served as CIHR Vice President Knowledge Translation and Public Outreach for five years as part of an academic interchange program, will be resuming his academic career in the School of Nursing at the University of Ottawa and at the Clinical Epidemiology Program of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.

CIHR has taken the time to carefully consider how best to organize and redistribute core management functions at the executive management level.  Effective May 1st, executive responsibilities will be shared between three, instead of four, portfolios at CIHR. 

Jim Roberge will serve in a dual role as Chief Financial Officer/Executive Vice President and leads the newly expanded Resource Planning and Management portfolio.  The portfolio focuses on the efficient and effective use of resources and consists of the following:  finance; human resources; legal; audit; evaluation; performance measurement and reporting; information technology/information management; and, administrative services.

Dr. Jane Aubin, CIHR’s Chief Science Officer, will serve as Vice President of the Research and Knowledge Translation portfolio (RKT).  The portfolio focuses on science – that is, the creation of new knowledge through research and its translation into new treatments, clinical practices and health polices that improve health outcomes for Canadians and strengthen our health care system.  The portfolio is responsible for: science strategy and policy; open and strategic competition and program management; and, knowledge translation and ethics.  The CSO/VP Research and Knowledge Translation is also responsible for the reforms to the Open Suite of Programs and peer review as well as the Strategy on Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR).

Christian Sylvain will serve as acting Vice President of Public, Governmental and Institute Affairs.  The focus of the portfolio is to further develop CIHR’s strategic relations and partnerships in order to accelerate health research and its application. The portfolio is responsible for: institute support services; partner relations including those from the health charities and voluntary sector, provincial, federal and international funding agencies, and the private sector; governmental affairs; citizen engagement; corporate communications; and, governance.  At present, CIHR is in the process of recruiting a permanent Vice President for this portfolio and will announce the name of the new Vice President in the coming months.

Please continue to communicate with CIHR through your usual networks and contacts.

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