CIHR and its partners announce the December 2012 Funding Opportunities and Priority Announcements

(2012-12-12) CIHR and its partners announce the December 2012 Funding Opportunities, including the Priority Announcements for the spring 2013 open competitions.

Details on these funding opportunities can be found using the CIHR Funding Opportunities Database.

For the list of funding opportunities launched in December 2012, use the "Launch Date" option and select "12" and "2012" from the drop-down menus (to indicate December 2012), and click on "Search."

A master list of all CIHR's current funding opportunities is also available using the "View All Current Opportunities" tab.


  1. Reminder: For the Open Operating Grants Program Competition (201303MOP), applications will no longer be automatically considered for any priority announcement funding opportunity with the exception of prizes. Applicants must now select from the drop-down menu in their ResearchNet submission.
  2. Renewed CCV: A new version of the Canadian Common CV (CCV) is now available. Effective June 19, 2012, ResearchNet applications requiring a CCV must use the new version. Although 90% of data for existing CCV users was migrated to the new CCV, applicants are advised to plan for additional time to review their CV data and enter any additional information, even though you will be able to upload your contribution details in a PDF file while completing your application on ResearchNet.