Canadian Vascular Network


The Canadian Vascular Network aims to improve the health of all Canadians through the innovative and effective prevention and detection of vascular conditions, creating synergies and breaking down barriers between disciplines and vascular diseases.

Health burden addressed

The vascular system includes all the blood vessels that feed all of our organs. While it has been known for some time that damage to this system underlies catastrophic diseases such as heart attack and stroke, it is now increasingly being recognized that vascular damage also plays a major role in insidious and chronic disorders such as dementia, kidney failure, macular degeneration, and peripheral arterial disease. The impact of vascular disease is staggering, affecting more than 3.7 million Canadians, and costing the health-care system more than $30 billion per year.


Canada's approach to vascular disorders has traditionally been focused on addressing individual conditions or diseases. The Canadian Vascular Network represents Canada's first comprehensive initiative to bring researchers and partners across disciplines together to tackle all vascular diseases together. Priority areas include:

  • Integrated research: Build on existing Canadian research efforts to develop a suite of integrated, multi-disciplinary research projects aimed at:
    • Identifying early warning signs of vascular disease, such as dementia (Theme 1).
    • Improving how we measure and treat vascular disease (Theme 2).
  • Capacity generation: Develop a new generation of researchers and clinicians focused on integrated approaches to vascular conditions via their involvement in network research and in specialized training programs.
  • Knowledge translation: Leverage the breadth of network participants, partners and end-users to implement evidence-based practices and policies for integrated approaches to vascular conditions.

Key Investigators and staff

Name Role in Canadian Vascular Network Main affiliation
Dr. Duncan Stewart Scientific Director and Co-Leader of Research Theme 2 CEO and Scientific Director of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Vice-President of Research at The Ottawa Hospital, Professor of Medicine at the University of Ottawa
Dr. Peter Liu Vice Scientific Director and co-Leader of Research Theme 1 Scientific Director of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Professor of Medicine at the University of Ottawa
Dr. Janusz Kaczorowski Co-Leader Research Theme 1 University of Montreal
Dr. Louise Pilote Co-Leader of Research Theme 2 McGill University
Linda Kelloway Leader of Knowledge Translation Ontario Stroke Network
Dr. Mark Eisenberg Co-Leader of Capacity Generation McGill University
Dr. Blair O'Neill Co-Leader of Capacity Generation University of Alberta
Dr. Shirley Mei Senior Program Manager Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Amanda Van Beinum Program Coordinator Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Funding partners

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research: $4,350,000
  • Hypertension Canada: $500,000
  • Université de Montréal Interventional Cardiology: $375,000
  • Ottawa Hospital Research Institute: $250,000
  • University of Ottawa Heart Institute: $250,000
  • HSF Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery: $250,000
  • Cell & Tissue Therapy Network of the FRSQ: $150,000
  • Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta: $125,000
  • McGill University Health Centre Research Institute: $125,000
  • University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry: $125,000
  • Western University Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry: $125,000
  • McGill University Faculty of Medicine: $62,500
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