Foundation Scheme – Registration Instructions

Before you begin

Make sure you have read the specific Funding Opportunity details.

Applicants must have the following:

You should only have one ResearchNet account. If you have already accessed ResearchNet, do not register for a new account.

General Registration Process

  1. Review the Foundation Scheme: 2015 2nd Live Pilot funding opportunity section entitled "Eligibility" to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements.

  2. Registrations must be prepared, finalized and submitted by applicants using ResearchNet.

  3. Applicants must preview all components of their registration in order to ensure its completeness.

  4. Registrations must be submitted prior to the deadline posted on ResearchNet. CIHR cannot legally accept a registration until the "Consent and Submit Application" section is completed on ResearchNet.

  5. You do not need to send a paper copy or signature pages to CIHR.

  6. This document provides general instructions, but does not necessarily represent an exhaustive list of all information required to complete a registration.

  7. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your ResearchNet account, or if you have any questions or difficulties in completing the CIHR specific content on ResearchNet, contact us Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET and until 8 p.m. ET on deadline days.

Tasks required for completing a Foundation registration:

A. Complete the Common CV

Program Leaders will be required to complete a new CV template designed specifically for Foundation Scheme competitions (CIHR Foundation Registration CV).

To complete a CIHR Foundation Registration CV:

  1. Log in to the Canadian Common CV system.
  2. Select "CIHR" in the Funding Source field, and select the appropriate CV type (CIHR Foundation Registration CV).
  3. Enter data in each of the required sections, and click "Done" when finished each section. Validation is performed automatically, and if there are any errors, they will be displayed in each section. For more information on how to complete a CV, please read the Foundation Registration CV - Quick Reference Guide.
  4. Once complete, click "Submit". A CCV confirmation number will be generated in the status message, and will also be located at the top of the CV PDF document. Record this confirmation number as it will be needed to link the CV to any research applications in ResearchNet.
  5. If you wish to make changes to your Common CV after it has been linked to a registration, you must repeat the steps described above. This will generate a new CCV confirmation number, which must be updated in ResearchNet.
  6. You can preview your CCV in ResearchNet by clicking on "Preview" on the Tasks page.

Note: During peak periods, there can be a delay between the time that you submit the CV and when ResearchNet is able to validate it. It is highly recommended that you submit your CV well in advance of the competition deadline.

B. Complete the ResearchNet registration

Task 1: Identify Participants

This task collects information on all Program Leaders involved in the proposal and the institution or organization that will receive funds should the application be successful.

  • The applicant that initiated/opened the registration in ResearchNet is identified as the Program Leader - Administrative Coordinator for the application;

  • The Administrative Coordinator is able to add Program Leaders to the registration in ResearchNet by:

    • Entering their validated CIHR PIN

      • If the participant's PIN is not validated, they must login to ResearchNet and select the user tab (name in the top right banner) and select Validate your CIHR PIN.
      • Afterwards, the Administrative Coordinator can resume this process.
    • Entering their name.

    • Entering their role (Leader) and participant type (Independent Researcher or Knowledge User).

  • On saving this information, the activity will open in the Program Leader’s ResearchNet account.

    • Note: The system will generate 2 warning messages with regards to mandatory fields (telephone and Institution) that will need to be completed by the added participants. The Identify Participants Task will remain incomplete until all added participants complete their information in ResearchNet as described in the next steps.

  • Please note that all Program Leaders will have access to the registration on ResearchNet in order to allow each Leader to contribute equally to the registration.

  • All Program Leaders must complete the following:

    • Enter their CCV confirmation number for their Foundation Registration CV.

    • Consent.

      • Note: Program Leader - Administrative Coordinator of the application will consent as part of the Consent and Submit task.
  • Only the Program Leader-Administrative Coordinator has the functionality to submit the registration.

  • The Program Leader-Administrative Coordinator will have to wait for all other Program Leaders to complete their relevant sections of the registration before submitting the registration to CIHR.

  • The name of all Program Leader(s) must remain unchanged between registration and application.

Task 2: Confirm Eligibility

This task will collect information on which of the following eligible four groups the Program Leader belongs to:

  • On July 30th 2013, the Program Leader is the Nominated Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator of a CIHR Open program grant with an expiry date no earlier than October 1, 2015 and no later than September 30, 2016.
  • The Program Leader is considered to be a new/early-career investigator. CIHR defines a new/early career investigator as someone who, at the registration deadline, has held a full-time appointment as an independent researcher (e.g., faculty appointment providing eligibility to apply for grants and/or supervise trainees) for a period of 0 to 60 months.
  • On July 30th 2013, the Program Leader has never held Open CIHR funding as a Nominated Principal Investigator or a Co-Principal Investigator.
  • The Program Leader was unsuccessful in the Foundation Scheme 2014 1st Live Pilot competition.

Task 3: Enter Proposal Information

This task collects information related to your research program.


Title: Provide a title for your research program. Program titles can be changed in the Stage 1 application.


Institution Paid: Enter the Institution that will administer the funds for your program of research. It is recommended that the Institution Paid be the Program Leader - Administrative Coordinator’s Institution. Consult the Institutional Eligibility Requirements on the CIHR website for more information.

In order to carry out the proposed research in this application, is an exemption from Health Canada under Section 56 of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act required? (Trainees are exempt and should answer "No".)

Indicate if your proposed research is such that an exemption from Health Canada under Section 56 of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) will be required. Consult the Department of Justice website for details regarding Section 56 of the CDSA and the Health Canada website for details regarding obtaining an exemption under Section 56 of the CDSA.

Does this application propose research involving Aboriginal people?

Indicate if your application proposes research involving Aboriginal people. This information will be used for statistical purposes only. Any questions or comments may be sent to the Aboriginal Ethics Guidelines mailbox at

Are sex (biological) considerations taken into account in this study?

Indicate if sex (biological) considerations are taken into account in this study. For a guide to sex and gender based analysis, please consult the CIHR website.

Are gender (socio-cultural) considerations taken into account in this study?

Indicate if gender (socio-cultural) considerations are taken into account in this study. For a guide to sex and gender based analysis, please consult the CIHR website.

If yes, please describe how sex and/or gender considerations will be considered in your research design (limit of 2000 characters).

If no, please explain why sex and/or gender are not applicable in your research design (limit of 2000 characters).


Descriptors: Provide keywords to describe your research proposal, the techniques and the methodologies it will employ, and the areas of interest.

Areas of Research: Select the areas of research that best describe your proposal from the list provided.

Classification: Select the classifications that best describe your proposal from the list provided.

Themes: Select a primary theme classification. Indicate additional theme classifications only if the substance of the proposal significantly overlaps more than one theme. Consult the definition of the four CIHR Themes on the CIHR website for more information.

Categories: Select a primary CIHR Institute whose research mandate is related to this application's research area(s) and objective(s). Additional Institutes should only be selected if the substance of this application significantly overlaps with the research mandate of more than one Institute.

Task 4: Complete Summary

The applicant(s) are asked to summarize both their research experience and the vision of their research program, making sure to address the following points:

  • The overarching focus of their research career, including the major questions or issues explored, and the impact their research has had;
  • The nature of their expertise and experience;
  • Important collaborations, within or outside of the research community, that were established to achieve the research goals; and
  • The vision or direction of the program of research they plan to lead in order to advance knowledge and/or its application to health care, health systems, and/or health outcomes.

Note 1: Your completed summary cannot exceed 3,500 characters (including spaces) or approximately one page. When cutting and pasting text into the text box, the exact number of characters may vary slightly depending on the type of browser that you are using.

Note 2: This "Complete Summary" task replaces the previously used Lay Abstract and Summary of the Research Proposal tasks.

Task 5: Enter Budget Information

This task collects information on the estimated budget for your Foundation grant.

Total Amount requested: Indicate the total amount requested for the Research Program for the 7 year term (5 years for New/Early-career investigators). You need to provide an estimate of what would be required to support your program of research and no justification is required at this stage. You may change your budget request at Stage 2.

Task 6: Complete Peer Review Administration Information

This task collects information used for the purpose of peer review administration.

Suggested Reviewers for this Application: Suggest Canadian and/or international reviewers that you feel have the expertise to review your application. CIHR reserves the right to make the final selection of external reviewers. You should not suggest reviewers in conflict of interest. Consult the Conflict of interest guidelines on the CIHR website for more information.

Reviewers to exclude for this Application: Provide the names of individuals that you feel cannot provide an objective review of your application and add comments specifying why the reviewer should be excluded from this application.

Task 7: Preview

Review all components of your registration and ensure that every task is completed. If a task is incomplete, you must provide the missing information in order to successfully submit your registration. To mark the preview task as complete, every other task must be marked as complete.

Program Leader – Administrative Coordinator only: Review all components of your registration and ensure that every participant on the registration has completed their required tasks. You will have the opportunity to preview your full registration prior to submitting your registration to CIHR.

Task 8: Consent and Submit

Submit Registration

All Program Leaders on the registration must agree to General Conditions and Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information, presented on ResearchNet, before the Administrative Coordinator-Program Leader can submit the registration to CIHR. There is no wet signature requirement as part of this process.

Once every task is complete, including the consent, the Program Leader - Administrative Coordinator of the registration must review the terms listed, and respond to the questions regarding consent in order to submit the registration.

The Program Leader - Administrative Coordinator will then click Send to submit the registration to CIHR.

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