2015 Peer Review Committee – Catalyst Grant: HIV/AIDS Community-Based Research (2015) (CBF‑201506)


Cain, Roy
McMaster University

Scientific Officer:

Leonard, Lynne
University of Ottawa


Belle-Isle, Lynne
Canadian AIDS Society (Victoria)

Friedman, Mackey
University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)

George, Clemon
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Howard, Terry
Positive Living Society of British Columbia (Vancouver)

Larkin, June
University of Toronto

Lowe, John
Florida Atlantic University (Davie)

McKay-McNabb, Kim

Miles, Rosalin
Maaj Consulting Group Inc. (Vancouver)

Parent, Michèle
Aboriginal Health Scholar and Consulting (Noelville)

Sinclair, Raven
University of Regina

Thompson, David
Montréal Chest Institute (Montreal)

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