CRDCN Knowledge Transfer

The CRDCN goal is to strengthen the relationships between social scientists and potential users of the knowledge they generate. Knowledge transfer (KT) is now part of the normal research cycle; its aim is to encourage and facilitate the adoption of evidence-informed practices and public policies.

The CRDCN has a knowledge transfer portal on its web site designed to help researchers in this area by providing background material about knowledge transfer and by monitoring relevant public policy news.

The portal also features various outputs by CRDCN researchers that discuss recent social, economic and health issues, including:

  • Audio video recordings of webinars
  • Power Point presentations
  • op-eds and analyses by CRDCN researchers that discuss recent social, economic and health issues.

All publications by researchers from across the Network, including Master theses, Ph.D. dissertations, policy reports, scientific articles and book chapters are available on the CRDCN web site in a searchable bibliography, updated yearly.

In addition, the CRDCN publishes research syntheses, which assess the strength and value of research undertaken through the RDCs and analyze the implications of this research relative to key policy issues.

The syntheses are available in both English and French on the CRDCN web site.

The CRDCN also compiles research highlights, the goal of which is to provide knowledge users and the public with snapshots of the research undertaken using data available in the RDCs.

To know more about the Network's activities and publications, you can subscribe to The Networker, the newsletter released on a quarterly basis.

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