College of Reviewers Governance

CIHR has established an oversight structure for the College that leverages the expertise of its members and assists CIHR in fulfilling its mandate to support excellence in its peer review processes.

College Chairs

The role of the College Chair is to ensure that the peer review system supports the selection of the most innovative and cutting-edge proposals for research and knowledge translation, while continuing to be fair, well-managed and transparent. College Chairs are appointed by the Associate Vice-President (AVP), Research Programs and interact with CIHR through the AVP office and the College Branch.

Paul Kubes
(Executive Chair)
Professor, University of Calgary

Eric Brown
McMaster University

Jayne Danska
Senior Scientist
Hospital for Sick Children

Sherry L. Dupuis
Professor, University of Waterloo

Philippe Gros
Vice-Dean, Faculty of Medicine
McGill University

Josée Lavoie
Professor, University of Manitoba

Dawn Martin Hill
Associate Professor
McMaster University

Barbara Morrongiello
Professor, University of Guelph

Louise Potvin
Université de Montréal

David Thomas
Professor, McGill University

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