CIHR Funding Policy Updates

CIHR would like to announce the following funding policy updates:

  1. Nominated Principal Applicant Eligibility

    The current stipulation that requires a Nominated Principal Applicant (NPA) living abroad to physically spend 6 months per year in Canada, for the duration of their grant, has been revised. Effective immediately, the new stipulation is as follows:

    A Nominated Principal Applicant living abroad (trainees excepted) must have their substantive role in Canada for the duration of the grant. Substantive role generally refers to the individual's primary place of employment or primary appointment.

    This new requirement shares the same aim as the previous stipulation: to ensure that Agency funds benefit Canadian-based research. The new requirement is more responsive to those who carry out their research abroad, however, and is easier for administrators to monitor. This change is reflected in the Grants and Awards Guide (section 1-D1.1 Nominated Principal Applicant).

  2. Independent Researcher Definition

    CIHR has updated its definition of Independent Researcher, as indicated below. These updates allow CIHR to be more inclusive of independent researchers who work at research organizations that are outside of academia (e.g. NGOs, research hospitals, research institutes) and are therefore not necessarily in positions that involve the supervision of students. The amended definition is found in the Glossary of Funding Related Terms.

    Researcher (Independent) refers to an individual who is:

    • autonomous regarding their research activities; and
    • has an academic or a research appointment which:
      • must commence by the effective date of funding; and
      • allows the individual to pursue the proposed research project, to engage in independent research activities for the entire duration of the funding, to supervise trainees (if applicable, as per their institution's policy), and to publish the research results; and
      • obliges the individual to conform to institutional regulations concerning the conduct of research, the supervision of trainees (if applicable), and the employment conditions of staff paid with CIHR funding.

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