Associate Member Progression – Program Description

What is the Associate Member Progression Program?

This program is an avenue for development and progression built upon review experience, learning activities and quality of reviews.

The Associate Member Progression Program provides:

  1. A College membership opportunity for new or less experienced reviewers;
  2. Learning and support activities to build, develop and enhance reviewing skills;
  3. Hands-on peer review experience to reinforce how to conduct quality reviews.

Why did the College create this Program?

One of the selection criteria to become a full Member of the College is having served as a peer reviewer in at least two competitions. The College recognizes the importance of building capacity, and created this program and the Associate Member role to provide an opportunity for new or less experienced reviewers to build the reviewing skills and experiences necessary, in a supported manner, to be eligible to obtain full College member status.

How will Associate Members progress to full College Members?

After accepting the invitation to join the College, Associate Members will be asked to complete or update their Reviewer Profile and complete two learning modules on Unconscious Bias in Peer Review and Conducting Quality Reviews (less than 30 minutes total).

Once completed, Associate Members will be invited to participate as a peer reviewer for one or two competitions, and depending on the peer review experience, will be required to complete review quality assurance activities in a supported manner to build their reviewing skills and experiences. Materials for conducting reviews, such as the peer review guide, committee’s mandate, and the funding opportunity details, will be provided and Associate Members will also be asked to complete the competition-specific learning prior to conducting their reviews. After the competition the Associate Member’s reviews will be assessed collaboratively by a panel chair, College of Reviewers staff or other review quality assessor, dependent on the specific competition, to help ensure their contributions are aligned with CIHR’s definition of review quality.

After Associate Members complete their quality-assured peer review activities and meet all of the membership selection criteria, they will be invited to become a full College Member.

Membership Selection Criteria

To be eligible to participate in this program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Research/Professional experience: Academic/professional appointment; and at least one federally funded (or equivalent) peer reviewed grant as a Principal Investigator;
  • Knowledge and experience: Knowledge and experience within CIHR's mandate; and
  • Review Experience: Peer reviewer for less than two competitions at CIHR or other recognized organization

How can I become an Associate Member?

To express your interest in participating in this program, please send an e-mail with a current CV to

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