CIHR Institutes

CIHR integrates research through a unique interdisciplinary structure made up of 13 "virtual" institutes. CIHR's Institutes are not buildings or research centres, but networks of researchers brought together to focus on important health problems. Unconstrained by bricks and mortar, the Institute's virtual structure encourages partnership and collaboration across sectors, disciplines and regions.

Each Institute is dedicated to a specific area of focus, linking and supporting researchers pursuing common goals. Each Institute embraces a range of research from fundamental bio-medical and clinical research, to research on health systems, health services, the health of populations, societal and cultural dimensions of health and environmental influences on health. This integrated approach brings together researchers, health professionals and policy-makers from voluntary health organizations, provincial government agencies, international research organizations and industry and patient groups from across the country, under each Institute's virtual "roof."

Each Institute is led by a Scientific Director, who is in turn aided by an Advisory Board. Institute Scientific Directors and Advisory Boards work under the guidance of the CIHR Governing Council.

CIHR Institutes are supported by a central, corporate organization, based in Ottawa, Ontario. For more information, please see "About CIHR".


CIHR's Governing Council is conducting an Institutes Model Review. This Review will assess the structure, role, policies, financial framework and slate of the CIHR Institutes to ensure that they can effectively respond to current and emerging health research challenges, while considering whether Institutes are well positioned to take advantage of national and international scientific opportunities to help CIHR deliver on its mandate.

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