Checklist for Sabbatical Leave for Salary Award Recipients

Recipients of salary awards are eligible for sabbatical leave in accordance with institutional policies.

Salary award recipients may be away on sabbatical leave for a period not exceeding one year. The salary award recipient and/or the institution must inform the agency when the salary award recipient is away on sabbatical leave for more than one year.

Continued payment while on sabbatical leave must be approved by CIHR. If approved, salary award recipients will continue to receive instalments/annual commitments during the period of sabbatical leave. No additional funds will be given to cover the period of sabbatical leave.


  1. Assemble the leave request in the order listed below;
  2. Submit the request package to "CIHR" at least three (3) months prior to the proposed effective date of the leave.

From the Nominated Principal Applicant:

  • A signed letter including:
    • their plans for the period of leave;
    • the research benefits that might be derived from the leave;
    • the provisions made for the operation of their research facilities in their absence.

From the Appropriate Authorized Official at the Institution Paid:

  • A signed letter approving the Nominated Principal Applicant's proposal.
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