Checklist for the Relocation of a Salary Award Recipient to an Eligible Canadian Institution


In order to transfer a salary award from one eligible Canadian institution to another, the following documents must be submitted to the "CIHR."

From the Nominated Principal Applicant:

  1. a letter requesting and justifying the transfer, and indicating the application number of the salary award, the title of the project and the effective date;
  2. A copy of the Personal Information section of the "Academic CV" with the Nominated Principal Applicant's address at the proposed new Institution Paid.

From the Authorized Official at the Original Institution (i.e., Head of Department):

  1. a letter indicating their awareness of the transfer.

From the proposed Institution Paid and the proposed Primary Location where research will be conducted (if different):

  1. a letter from the Dean of Faculty or Research Director confirming support for the transfer of the salary award. The letter should clearly address;
    • Institutional support of an appointment for the Nominated Principal Applicant;
    • A minimum of at least 75% protected research time for the duration of the award; and,
    • Details of the appointment, including teaching load, clinical and administrative duties, lab/office space, start-up funds, etc.
  2. A letter, completed and signed by the Head of Department, in which he or she describes the following:
    • Other Responsibilities of the Candidate - indicate the nature and the extent (hours per year and percentage of time) of non-research activities in which the candidate would be required to engage as follows:
      • Teaching (excluding graduate student supervision)
      • Clinical work
      • Administrative duties
      • Corporate involvement (involvement on boards or advisory committees)
    • Research Associations - indicate the colleagues and research programs the candidate would be associated with and the nature of this association emphasizing the potential contributions of the candidate.
    • Commitment of the Nominating Institution - CIHR expects that the nominating institution will offer successful candidates a full-time faculty, or equivalent position as an independent investigator. On a separate page (limit to one page), indicate clearly the research buildings and facilities available to the candidate, as well as any startup funds to be given. In addition, describe the institution's commitment to protect the candidate's research time. The institution must commit to protecting a minimum of 75% of the candidate's time for research for the duration of the award.
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