Policy Statement: Electronic Final Reports

1. Effective date

This policy takes effect on July 2011.

2. Application

This policy applies to Nominated Principal Investigators (NPIs) who have received funding from a CIHR funding opportunity which requires the submission of an electronic Final Report (eFR).

3. Policy Statement

3.1. Policy Objective

CIHR requires all grant recipients to complete a structured end of grant report for the following reasons:

  • The support for research provided by CIHR is an investment by the people of Canada, and CIHR seeks to demonstrate a return on investment for taxpayers;
  • The collection of a standardized dataset from the research community allows CIHR to report on funded projects in a consistent manner;
  • Reporting on funded research enables CIHR to collate and evaluate information from multiple researchers, to track the impacts of individual grants over a number of years, and to produce updates to show the impact of CIHR funding; and
  • Reporting on funded research enables CIHR to evaluate the effectiveness of its funding programs and strategies.

3.2. Policy Statement

NPIs must submit an electronic Final Report to CIHR by the deadline date stated in the electronic Final Report activity on ResearchNet.

3.3. Expected Results

  1. 3.3.1.

    To obtain information on the impact of CIHR programs.

  2. 3.3.2.

    To evaluate the impact of CIHR funding.

  3. 3.3.3.

    To advance CIHR's Knowledge Translation mandate by providing selected information on the results of funded research its partners, the research community and the general public.

  4. 3.3.4.

    To standardize the capture, collection and analysis of information relating to the results of CIHR funded research.

4. Policy Requirements

An NPI who has received funding for specified funding opportunities must:

  • For each grant for which he/she received funding, submit an electronic Final Report by the deadline date, even if the grant was renewed.

5. Monitoring and Consequences

Compliance with this policy is mandatory. If an NPI fails to file an electronic Final Report on time, CIHR may exercise any of the remedies available to it including, but not limited to:

  1. suspend its obligation to make payments toward any grant held by the NPI, including any obligation to pay any amount owing prior to the date of the suspension;
  2. terminate its obligation to make payments toward any grant held by the NPI, including any obligation to pay any amount owing prior to the date of the termination;
  3. require that the NPI immediately repay to Canada all or part of the grant for which an electronic Final Report was not provided, together with interest from the date of demand at the interest rate set out by the "Interest and Administrative Charges Regulations" (SOR/96-188);
  4. Refuse to consider future applications for funding;
  5. Render the NPI ineligible to serve on agency committees such as peer review and advisory boards.
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