2016 CGS Program Evaluation – Management Response Action Plan (MRAP)

Recommendation Response
(Agree or Disagree)
Management Action Plan Responsibility Timeline
1. Review and revise the Canada Graduate Scholarship program’s expected outcomes and strengthen performance measurement. Agree In the context of the revised program principles and objectives, develop a logic model and performance measurement strategy to better attribute its impacts and distinguish its added-value. Tri-Agency (TA) CGS team in collaboration with the CIHR Performance and Accountability Branch and NSERC and SSHRC Evaluation staff For 2016-2017 FY
2. In the context of Canada Graduate Scholarship harmonization across the Tri-Agencies, the program should provide more information on the review process and outcomes to applicants, and also explore opportunities for branding the program under a single name. Agree (a) As part of the project to harmonize the CGS program, ensure to clearly communicate the design of the adjudication process and outcomes to applicants. TA CGS team For 2018-2019 FY
(b) Develop a three-year CGS communications strategy/plan with a focus on program branding. TA CGS team in collaboration with Communications Branch at CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC. For 2017-2018 FY
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