How CIHR is supporting the integration of SGBA


2006 - Policy & Guidelines

CIHR begins to integrate SGBA into applications through funding policy, applicant and reviewer guidelines.

2010 - SGBA in grant applications

Mandatory SGBA questions are included within all grant applications.


Reviews of SGBA in CIHR's open grants.

2016-17 - SGBA in Research Action Plan

High-level plan developed to better integrate SGBA in CIHR’s research funding programs.

2017 onwards

Implementation of the Action Plan underway.

Sex- and Gender-Based Analysis (SGBA) in Research at CIHR

Sex- and Gender-Based Analysis (SGBA)Footnote 1 is an analytical process used to assess how diverse groups of women, men, girls, boys and gender-diverse people may be impacted by Government of Canada initiatives. For CIHR, this process includes how SGBA is considered in health research.

To underscore our commitment to SGBA, CIHR is a signatory to the Health Portfolio SGBA Policy and has developed the CIHR SGBA in Research Action Plan.

CIHR's Sex- and Gender-Based Analysis in Research Action Plan aims to systematically integrate SGBA into CIHR-funded research to ensure the research we fund is relevant and impactful for Canada's diverse population.

Maximizing health research investments for the benefit of all Canadians

There is significant evidence to demonstrate that biological (sex) and socio-cultural (gender and other identity factors) differences between women and men contribute to differences in health risks, health services use, health system interaction and health outcomes. CIHR is committed to funding science of the highest standards through rigorous and reproducible research, which includes systematic integration of SGBA.

Building on over a decade of momentum, this Action Plan is focused on building capacity and strengthening expertise in SGBA, both within CIHR and within the health research community, so that important biological and socio-cultural differences between people are addressed in health research.

The CIHR SGBA in Research Action Plan


To ensure the research CIHR funds is relevant and impactful for Canada’s diverse population, by building SGBA capacity and strengthening SGBA expertise within the research community and within CIHR.

Key elements


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