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This year we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of IHDCYH Talks, our knowledge mobilization competition. With almost five thousand subscribers to our YouTube channel and over 2.3 million views, we know IHDCYH Talks has a big impact.

In addition to accepting short videos under 5 minutes, this year we will also accept infographic and podcast submissions. Definitions of accepted media formats and eligibility criteria are shared below.

Registration deadline: September 23, 2024, 11:59 pm ET.
Submission deadline: October 8, 2024, 11:59 pm ET.

Congratulations to the 2023 IHDCYH Talks Video Competition winners!

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The IHDCYH Talks Competition is a creative way to share a clear evidence-based message with a general audience that is designed to have an impact on the health of children, youth and families. It is important that the content of the submissions be current, engaging, easily understood and accessible.

For the 2024 competition, three submission formats will be accepted:

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts

The definitions and specifications of these 3 formats are outlined below.


The objective of the competition is to mobilize research within IHDCYH’s mandate and help demonstrate the impact that evidence can and does have on human development, child, and youth health in Canada.

In 2024, this competition also aims to highlight the knowledge mobilization potential of using different media formats including video, infographics and podcasts for sharing scientific knowledge and research with a broad public audience to increase research impact.

Funds available

The total amount available for this funding opportunity is $14,250, enough to fund up to nine (9) prizes. This amount may increase if additional funding partners participate. Three awards will be given in each of the three media format categories: videos, infographics, and podcasts.

Prize distribution Video Infographic Podcast
First place $2500 $2500 $2500
Second place $1500 $1500 $1500
Third place $750 $750 $750
All winners will receive: Certificate of award
Promotion of award via IHDCYH channels (website, newsletter, and social media)

CIHR’s financial contributions for this initiative are subject to availability of funds, and CIHR reserves the right to reduce, defer or suspend financial contributions to awards received as a result of this funding opportunity.

Eligibility (Who can apply?)

This competition accepts submissions from members of the human development, child and youth health research community. For a submission to be eligible, all the requirements stated below must be met.

  1. The Nominated Principal Applicant (NPA) must be one of the following:
    • Researchers, knowledge users, scholars and health professionals affiliated with Canadian postsecondary institutions and/or their affiliated institutions including hospitals, research institutes and other non-profit organizations with a mandate for health research and/or knowledge translation.
    • Undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral scholars engaged in research and research-related activities.
    • An individual affiliated with an Indigenous non-governmental organization in Canada with a research and/or knowledge translation mandate.
    • Researchers and scholars working in municipal, provincial and territorial government where the activity which forms the subject matter of the funding is not being funded by specific programs of those municipal, provincial and territorial governments.
    • Canadian and international non-governmental organizations (including community organizations and regional health authorities) with a research or knowledge translation mandate.
  2. The NPA must have their substantive role in Canada.


Before submitting an application to this funding opportunity, applicants should review the relevant policies and guidelines on the CIHR Funding Policies page to ensure understanding of their responsibilities and expectations.

Review Process and Evaluation

Relevance Review Process

IHDCYH will perform relevance review.

The following criteria will be used in conducting the relevance review:

  • Relevance to IHDCYH's mandate.
  • Designed to have an impact on human development and/or child, and/or youth health.
  • Alignment with the format definitions and eligibility criteria.

Submissions that are not deemed to be relevant will be withdrawn from the competition.

Peer Review Process

For information on CIHR’s peer review principles, see the Peer Review: Overview section of CIHR’s website.

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation of each submission will be in two parts: (1) Peer review (2) Public voting. In calculating the overall application score, the submission will be scored as follows:

  • Peer review – 90%
  • Public voting – 10%

1. Peer review

A peer review committee will assess the strength of the submission relative to the following criteria:

  • Purpose: The purpose of the video / infographic / podcast is clear. The information provided is practical (e.g., increases knowledge or awareness, guides decision making) and relevant to the intended audience. A clear description of the evidence used must be part of the video / infographic / podcast or included in the “References” section of the application.
  • Clarity: The content is delivered in a way that uses common, everyday language (e.g., plain language). The level of detail is appropriate to the intended audience, and the information shared would be understandable to someone who does not have previous knowledge on the topic presented.
  • Organization: The content is well organized and easy to follow. The video / infographic / podcast tells a story and/or presents the information in a logical sequence. Cues (audio or visual) are used to help structure the information to make it more understandable (e.g., informative headers, text emphasis, icons/images highlight key pieces of information, clear introduction of concepts).
  • Engagement: The content is delivered in an appealing manner (e.g., graphics are visually pleasing and re-enforce key messages, the sound quality is good, the content is shared creatively). The way the information is presented makes the content easy to understand and/or remember.
  • Inclusion, Diversity, and Accessibility: The video / infographic / podcast incorporates diversity and inclusion principles and concepts appropriately in content and/or design (e.g., images that are representative, the content reflects cultural safety practices, there is an appropriate colour contrast for text, readable font sizes, the pace of the audio is appropriate). The content is also presented in a way that is relatable to the intended audience.

2. Public voting

Public voting on submissions will be open for the month of November 2024, and promoted via IHDCYH’s social media channels and in our newsletter.

How to Apply

The application process for this competition has 2 steps: Registration and Submission.

  • Complete the online registration form by September 23, 2024.
  • Complete the online submission form by October 8, 2024. A link to this form will be sent to you after the registration form is completed.
  • Your submission must be accessible from a publicly available link that you will share in the submission form. We will not accept submissions in any other format than publicly available online content (e.g., no email attachments or uploads to an online space with limited access).

Definitions and submission criteria

The following submission criteria apply to all formats:

  • The language of the submission must be in English and/or French.
  • Applicants may submit a new or existing piece of content.
  • The content must be publicly available online.
  • The content must have been created within the last 2 years.
  • The content of the submission must be related to IHDCYH's mandate.
  • The submission must demonstrate the value and impact of research on human development, child, youth and/or family health and/or well-being.
  • Content that does not originate from the applicant's team is acceptable for inclusion with appropriate consent, but should be clearly placed into context. All sources of information used to create the submission should be included in the reference list.
  • Only one application may be submitted per Nominated Principal Applicant (primary applicant), per format category. (For example, an NPA may submit a video and an infographic, but not two videos.)
  • Submissions may not be made in multiple categories where the content is mostly the same, for example, an audio podcast that was also recorded as a video may not be submitted in both the podcast and video categories.



A video is recorded visual material, usually with sound and/or text visible on the screen, made digitally or on video. It may be actual footage (e.g. of people and places), in an illustration style, or any other style of moving or changing images.

Video eligibility criteria:

  • The video must be 5 minutes or less.
  • Any individuals appearing or heard in the video must sign and be identified in a consent form. A form [ PDF (82 KB) ] is provided for your convenience but other forms are accepted. If individuals cannot provide consent, e.g. passers-by on the street, then their appearance must be concealed so they are unrecognizable.
  • The video must not have been awarded a prize in a previous IHDCYH Talks Video Competition.



An infographic is a knowledge mobilization tool that combines text with images, graphics, and/or data visualisations to communicate evidence-based information in a way that is visually appealing and easy to understand.

Infographic eligibility criteria:

  • Infographics should be no larger than the equivalent of two letter size pieces of paper. They may be one or two pages, for example, two letter size pages intended to print out double sided, or one page that is twice as long or wide as a letter size page.
  • In digital terms, two letter size pieces of paper would be no larger than:
    • 816 x 2000 pixels
    • 22 x 53 cm
    • 8.5 x 22 inches
  • Any individuals appearing on the infographic must sign and be identified in a consent form. A form [ PDF (82 KB) ] is provided for your convenience but other forms are accepted.

Infographic exclusion criteria:

The following formats will not be accepted for this competition:

  • Research posters
  • Interactive infographics embedded into websites



A podcast is a digital audio file available online for downloading or streaming to a computer or mobile device. Podcasts are typically available as a series.

Podcast eligibility criteria:

  • The podcast must be less than 60 minutes long.
  • Only one episode can be submitted from a podcast series.
  • The main focus of the content should be in IHDCYH's mandate area.

Past IHDCYH Talks Video Competition winners

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