CBPHC objectives and priority areas

The CBPHC Signature Initiative will transform healthcare for the next generation by supporting improved delivery of appropriate, high-quality CBPHC to Canadians.

Its objectives are to:

  • develop and compare innovative models for CBPHC delivery within Canada and/or internationally;
  • build inter-disciplinary and inter-professional capacity for the generation, synthesis and application of CBPHC research including training and mentoring of new CBPHC trainees, investigators, and health professional scientists;
  • catalyze effective knowledge translation approaches to improve the delivery of CBPHC in Canada and, where appropriate, other countries; and,
  • evaluate and improve the impact of Team innovations for CBPHC by reporting on a common set of outcome measures and collaborating to form the Patient-Oriented Community-Based Primary Healthcare Network.

Research priorities

Chronic disease prevention and management in CBPHC

Research on the development and evaluation of innovative models for preventing, managing and treating individuals, families and populations at risk of developing or living with chronic disease(s) in CBPHC settings and the impacts of these models on outcome measures (e.g., efficiency, access, safety, quality, equity, health outcomes) at the individual, provider, organization, system, and population-level.

Access to appropriate CBPHC for vulnerable populations

Research to improve equity of access to appropriate CBPHC and to address individual, social and structural determinants of health that lead to or reinforce conditions of vulnerability (e.g., stigmatization, migration), and by focusing on vulnerable subgroups (defined by age, socio-economic status, developmental/functional, disability, an inability to communicate effectively, racial/ethnic background, geography, gender/sex or sexuality), who are at greater risk of poorer health outcomes and experiencing challenges in equity of access to CBPHC.

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