Refreshing Canada's Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research

Since Canada's Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) was first established in 2011, a lot has changed. Now is the time to reflect on what has been achieved over the past decade, what is working well, and what might need to change so that SPOR is keeping pace with current health care and health research realities.

CIHR, together with other SPOR partners, is leading a process to refresh Canada's Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research. We are creating opportunities for patients and people with lived experience; Indigenous community partners; researchers; policy-and-decision makers; and health professionals from across Canada to help inform the future design, governance and direction of SPOR.

UPDATE: The SPOR Refresh engagements have concluded (as of March 31, 2024)

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their insights! We welcome you to continue to send any additional comments to

Next steps in the SPOR Refresh process

All the input received will be analyzed and presented to the SPOR Refresh Steering Committee who will develop recommendations to CIHR and other SPOR partners.

A “what we heard” report will be shared back with the community late summer / early fall 2024.

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