About SPOR

SPOR is about providing the evidence needed to inform the development of health policies and improve the health care system. It is about moving scientific discoveries to the bedside and producing the information that decision-makers and health care providers need to improve care. In other words, SPOR focuses on moving what health researchers know into what health care providers do.

SPOR acts as a catalyst for patient-oriented research in several ways:

What guides SPOR?

SPOR adheres to the following principles:

  • Patients need to be involved in all aspects of research to ensure questions and results are relevant;
  • Decision-makers and clinicians need to be involved throughout the entire research process to ensure integration into policy and practice;
  • Funding under SPOR is based on 1:1 matching with non-federal government partners to ensure relevance and applicability;
  • Effective patient-oriented research requires a multi-disciplinary approach; and
  • SPOR is outcome-driven and incorporates performance measurement and evaluation as integral components of the initiative.

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