What is the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research?

Patient-oriented research transforms patients and their families from passive recipients of health services…into proactive partners who help shape health research and health care.

To make patient-oriented research a reality, partnerships were formed between:

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Provinces and territories
  • Philanthropic organizations
  • Academic institutions
  • Health charities
  • Industry
  • Patients
  • Clinicians

The result was SPOR.

What does SPOR do?

  • It funds research in areas of importance to patients.
  • It creates hubs of expertise in the provinces and territories that unite patients, caregivers, families, policy-makers, and health care providers.
  • It builds capacity in patient-oriented research and promotes patient engagement.

What will SPOR achieve?

  • For patients, it means having a say in which health topics are researched.
  • For researchers, it means benefiting from the perspectives and experiences of patients.
  • For the health care system, it means having access to the research evidence that decision-makers and health care providers need to improve care.

For more information on SPOR, please visit the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

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