Funding Research

SPOR is about using the power of research to make our health care system more efficient and effective—and improving the health care experience for patients.

In particular, SPOR funds patient-oriented research. This means that patients need to be involved in the research projects and processes, and they often help to shape the research priorities overall.

To date, SPOR has funded a wide variety of patient-oriented research through two main mechanisms:

  • SPOR Networks: Pan-Canadian SPOR Networks bring together people from different disciplines and perspectives, including patients, researchers, health care professionals, and health system decision makers, who are united by their passion to address the urgent health care challenges faced by Canadians. These Networks serve to speed up the use of research findings in patient care and health care policy.
  • Innovative Clinical Trials (iCTs): In an effort to make Canada a destination of choice for conducting clinical trials, SPOR seeks to build capacity in clinical trials and to streamline the current start-up processes for trials. Through small grants to catalyze research, larger and longer-lasting grants to support the use of iCT methods, and research chairs to build capacity in iCTs, the SPOR Innovative Clinical Trials Initiative aims to improve Canada’s competitiveness in conducting trials and provide a stimulus for researchers and drug companies to adopt new, more innovative methods.
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