EIHR Objectives and priority areas

The objectives of the EIHR initiative:

  • fund timely and policy-relevant research on health care renewal in Canada
  • advance the timely translation of research evidence to government officials in order to improve the financing, sustainability and governance of the healthcare system
  • increase the capacity of the research community to generate excellent research in the priority areas of healthcare financing, sustainability and governance

The initiative focussed on three priority areas:

Innovation in these areas  requires contributions from a wide range of disciplines and methodological approaches.

Health services and health policy research can benefit from contributions from economics, political science, sociology, philosophy, law, and other relevant fields, as well as from the involvement of policy makers, decision makers and healthcare providers.

The EIHR initiative was guided by the strategic advice of an expert working group that comprises researchers and decision makers from Canada and abroad with expertise in health care financing, sustainability and governance.

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