EIHR Funding

The Evidence-Informed Health Care Renewal (EIHR) initiative included a suite of funding tools designed to support excellent research, to build research capacity and facilitate knowledge translation. All funding opportunities have been completed. Project information and final reports can be accessed here and in the Canadian Health Systems Documents (CHSD) Portal.

Closed competitions

Funding opportunity Competition Funding decision
Operating Grant: Advancing Theoretical and Methodological Innovations 201110TOO View
Doctoral Research Award : Fall 2011 Priority Announcement 201110MDR View
Knowledge Synthesis Grant: Expedited Knowledge Synthesis (EIHR) 201201ETR View
Fellowship : Fall 2011 Priority Announcement 201110MFE View
Other: Healthcare Renewal Policy Analysis 201209HRA View
Knowledge Synthesis Grant: Fall 2011 Priority Announcement 201110KRS View
Partnerships for Health System Improvement : 2012-2013 201211PHE View
Partnerships for Health System Improvement : 2011-2012 201111PHE View
Other: Science Policy Fellowships 201112SPF View
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