Priority and Planning Committees (PPCs)

The Institute of Genetics (IG) Priority and Planning Committees (PPCs) play a pivotal role in advising IG on community needs, shaping strategic plans, contributing to workshop development, and providing insights into research priorities. They operate under the authority of IG's Institute Advisory Board (IAB) and act as an advisory group, addressing scientific needs and societal challenges. Aligned with IG's 2022-27 Strategic Plan, they inform the realization of IG’s strategic research priorities.

  • Health Services, Policy (HSP) and Genomics and its Environmental, Economic, Ethical, Legal and Social aspects (GE3LS) Research Priority and Planning Committee

    HSP and GE3LS Research Priority and Planning Committee helps to identify and prioritize key research areas and provides a broad perspective on the HSP and GE3LS research community.

    The committee informs IG about community (i.e., researchers including scientists, patient partners, people with lived experience) needs for research priorities, and actively supports collaborations, knowledge mobilization, and community capacity building. Additionally, the committee plays a crucial role in informing the community about IG, CIHR, and the PPC’s work.

  • Patient Partner Priority and Planning Committee (P4C)

    The Patient Partner Priority and Planning Committee (P4C) was developed to include patient and caregiver perspectives in IG’s work in a systematic, transparent, and structured way. It contributes to the patient partnership priorities of IG, leading efforts to ensure patients’ perspectives are incorporated into IG activities and funding opportunities.

    Created following IG's engagement with patients over the years and after a workshop held by IG in January 2023, P4C members help define patients’ priorities in health research and support the use of state-of-the-art practices in patient partnership across IG’s activities. Their roles include developing content on patient partnership for IG and the broader CIHR community and evaluating the progress and impact of P4C.

    Visit the P4C page

  • Models and Mechanisms of Genetic Diseases Planning and Priority Committee

    The Models and Mechanisms of Genetic Diseases Planning and Priority Committee focuses on catalyzing research opportunities linking newly discovered human gene variants with models to determine mechanisms of genetic diseases and identify new therapeutic targets.

    Its core actions are to promote:

    • Enhancements to model systems by broadening of the Rare Diseases scope to include all inherited genetic diseases and to include new human cell and tissue models;
    • Innovations in databases and networks by aligning with the Pan-Canadian Human Genome Library and leading international consortium efforts; and
    • Moving from discovering disease variants and molecular functions toward developing new therapeutics.
  • Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Health Data Sciences Planning and Priority Committee

    The Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Health Data Sciences Planning and Priority Committee helps ensure that adequate computational infrastructure and education programs are available to enable bioinformatics and data science in health research.

    This committee focuses on:

    • Updating guidelines to include shared datasets and software tools as evidence of past scientific contributions and impact;
    • Promoting the development of dedicated opportunities;
    • Promoting Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) sharing of biomedical data and scientific software;
    • Enhancing transparency and research reproducibility; and
    • Fostering bridges between the bench and bedside for improved clinical outcomes
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