Institute Advisory Boards (IABs)

CIHR is pleased to announce the launch of a revised Institute Advisory Board (IAB) model.

The new model consists of one IAB per Institute and will call upon members of the entire slate of 13 IABs to form ad-hoc advisory groups to provide advice on cross Institute initiatives.

This model is an evolution of the current IAB structure, builds on our collective experience with different IAB models and strikes a balance between the need for timely Institute-specific advice and cross-Institute advice.

IAB members who agreed to continue to serve were offered an appointment with a new term of 3 years on one of the 13 institute-based IABs. Open seats on boards were filled by nominating members of previous IABs and the remaining gaps will be filled in 2018.

Appointments to IABs will continue to take into account diversity in terms of career stage, geography, gender, ethics, knowledge exchange, international knowledge as well as patient/end user representation.

CIHR is working in collaboration with the Scientific Director of the Institute of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health (IAPH) and partners to determine how best to provide all Institutes and CIHR corporate with advice on Indigenous issues.

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