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Health research touches our lives in many ways. It helps prevent diseases and injuries. It allows doctors and nurses to give the best possible treatments and care. It can also lead to cures that save lives.

Want to know more about the impact of health research? In this section, you will find stories about CIHR-funded research and how it is improving our lives.


Helping women and girls improve their heart health through outdoor activities

Babies and Bacteria

McMaster researcher studies link between maternal nutrition, gut bacteria, and the health of babies

Confronting opioid dependency through patient focused care

Research examines whether patient-centred care has helped people recover from substance use disorder across Canada

McGill researcher examines the long-term effects of cannabis on the brains of adolescents

Cannabis use among youth linked to mental health problems later in life

Helping seniors improve their quality of life

CIHR and AGE-WELL fund international research projects to benefit aging baby boomers

Seeing the World in 5-D

MUN research team develops new way to visualize proteins and discovers key information on the inner workings of cancer-causing enzymes

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